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Too much salt can increase a risk of triggering multiple sclerosis

salt triggering multiple sclerosisRecent studies show that a high salt intake might be responsible for triggering multiple sclerosis in some people. Although eating more salt is proven to have a connection with multiple sclerosis, it cannot cause it, but only increase the risk factor for those with genetic predispositions for this disease. Also, this risk is more likely to affect women than men.

Salt is only one of the environmental risk factors, and can’t cause multiple sclerosis alone. It is still unclear how the salt intake is interacting with other factors and how exactly does it trigger the condition. What is known so far is that it’s not equally problematic for every individual.

This study was done on mice that were induced with a disease similar to multiple sclerosis in human. One group was being fed with well balanced diet, whilst the other ate only food with high salt levels. Some mice showed signs of multiple sclerosis after a larger amount of salt intake. This made the symptoms of a disease worse and the blood barrier was weaker, although immune cells were not affected.

Even though the higher intake of salt could cause problems for those with multiple sclerosis, the salt is still necessary in the right amount, in order for a body to function normally.

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