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Stem cells have the ability to make new cells and repair those that are damaged

Multiple sclerosis treatment procedure with stem cells

Diagnostics and preparation for stem cells treatment
Diagnostic: Diagnostics and preparation
Ms treatment procedure with stem cells
Treatment: Stem cells treatment
Revitalizing and regenerating for boosting stem cells
Revitalization: Revitalizing and regenerating procedure
Ms treatment follow up
Post treatment: Follow-up treatment

    MS treatment results after 11 days
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Stem cell treatment for multiple sclerosis

About Swiss Medica Clinic

Swiss Medica XXI Century S.A. is a clinic that uses patient’s own stem cells to treat the disease. We make it possible for a body to heal itself with only its natural cells, already inside of it. For this form of treatment we use advanced technology to activate dormant cells (adipose mesenchymal stem cells) to differentiate into the right type of cells needed, which have the power to repair or replace the already damaged ones. After this, patient’s symptoms become less prominent or can disappear completely.

activating stem cell

Advanced medical equipment at Swiss Medica Clinic


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