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Stem Cell treatment for Primary Progressive MS

Client: Eileen

Country: UK

Can you explain us a little bit more about your problem? About, actually, what was your diagnose? Why did you decide to come for a stem cell treatment?

Yes, I’ve lived with Primary-Progressive MS for 23 years. I’ve lived in England and I’ve been to various hospitals in England and they’ve offered nothing. I’ve never had medication, anything, from any of the hospitals. So my son was doing some research, for my husband actually, and he stumbled across Swiss Medica and he said “Oh, they might be worth a try”, in Moscow. And I thought, yes.

I’ve come to Moscow and at least Swiss Medica have offered me a lot of hope, much more hope than I’ve ever had before. Since I’ve come here the people have been absolutely amazing and fantastic place. I’m the most cynical person in the world, but this place comes highly recommended by me and I’ll be telling my friends at home who need treatment.

I’ve noticed since I’ve come and have had stem cell, that the ridges in my nails have really been reduced quite dramatically. I have now been able to put my hand out flat, where it used to be in a claw, claw shape, now it’s gone out flat since I’ve been here.

I’ve only done the treatment since Sunday and I’m quite impressed so far. Hopefully, it keeps on going when I get back home.

And they’re going to discharge me with a lot of vitamins and I intend to keep taking them, because my skin has improved as well. I don’t know about my walking yet, but I will keep you informed of anything that’s gonna happen to me in the future.

Of course, we will keep in contact and hopefully you will maybe come for the follow-up.

Absolutely, I wouldn’t miss it! You know, it’s highly recommended from me. So hopefully, in the future, we’ll be seeing much more of you. And it’s a beautiful country, Moscow, it is absolutely lovely. The people are amazing. And everybody I’ve met here at Swiss Medica, they can’t do enough to help, I’m so chafed I’ve come.

We are glad to hear that.

Thank you.

Thank you.

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