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Great MS symptoms improvement after Stem Cells transplant

Client: Christopher Carlisle

Country: UK

I do feel definitely about 40% improvement from what I did the first time I came, which I’m very pleased about.

Hi! My name is Chris Carlisle. I come from West Kirby, which is in the UK. I’m here at Swiss Medica for my follow-up appointment after my initial appointment which was in December, which was for my first treatments. I’ve noticed I got a lot of power back from my first time I was here, which was needed in my legs, but I was still lacking with coordination and balance with my right side in my leg.

Since my first visit, this has improved a lot. I’ve noticed I’m walking a lot easier, freer. I’m not having to think as much about my leg, etc. It’s all coming a lot more natural. I had a lot of problems with my right side, as I already said, but my hand in particular was difficult to manipulate in certain areas, like writing. I would only be able to write for a few minutes at the time. After resting my hand I could continue… I have no problem writing now.

In my job… I use my hands a lot as a nurse. I’ve got no problem canulating, which I did have beforehand… canulate for needles and patients. So, work has been a lot better for me and my staff. Colleagues have noticed the difference as well. I’m sure they wouldn’t just say it, just to make me feel better. They had been very honest. Definitely saying that I’m moving a lot better on the ward, and I’m using my hands, do dressing and everything, which I could do beforehand, but it was always becoming a bit of a struggle.

I’ve found a lot of better use with this right hand, which is a lot better. I did have a change in my condition with temperatures… hot, be it cold, be it variable. My symptoms were getting a lot worse, but I haven’t noticed until I was asked today if it actually affected me anymore.

But I’ve not noticed any difference from the hot and cold. I do feel a lot better. Visiting the Swiss Medica…it’s been fine transport-wise. The staff here picked up from the airport… It’s been another great visit, but… I do feel definitely about 40% improvement from what I did the first time I came, which I’m very pleased about.

Doctor: Hello, Chris. So, we meet again.

Chris: Hello. We do, yes.

Doctor: After how much?

Chris: Three and a half months since my last visit.

Doctor: You have been here in December, middle of December?

Chris: Yes.

Doctor: This is your first follow-up after…

Chris: First follow, yeah, after my first treatment here.

Doctor: Okay, your first treatment. Okay. When you came on your first treatment, it was a bit difficult for you…

Chris: It was physically and… both… yeah, mentally and physically.

Doctor: Maybe we should remember how, you know… Someone who is looking, you know… because you look now pretty good…

Chris: Yeah.

Doctor: You can speak normally, focus normally.

Chris: I’m better focused, yeah.

Doctor: So, first when you came, how it was?

Chris: It was very stiff, spasms, my right side mostly and… which was causing me to not walk properly, not bend my leg properly… couldn’t bend my arm behind my back when I first came, which I do not have a problem now.

Doctor: Your balance was…

Chris: My balance was very poor, yeah.

Doctor: Yeah, very poor.

Chris: Could be worse, but it wasn’t very good.

Doctor: Also, there was difficulty with your walking, with your completely right side… okay, a little bit of focus and everything. What happened with your writing and everything?

Chris: My writing… I’ve always… Well, last few years, I’d get aches after writing for about five minutes, but I can write continuously now. I have no problems with this right hand, with manipulation…it’s very good.

Doctor: So, because we also had the first testimonials of the first treatment when you came first here, you know, and it was a big leap, you know… It was a big jump for you, you know, you… We can see on the old video that there is no, you know, no problems after… so big problems… you could do much things... But now, what in this moment, what is different?

Chris: No problems with coordination. The balance is good, is much improved.

Doctor: Gesticulation also. I can see that you can use your hand for gesticulation.

Chris: Yeah.

Doctor: What about writing now?

Chris: Writing’s good. I work as a nurse and I have to use my hands obviously a lot, and I can canulate, no problem at all.

Doctor: Really? Because this is pretty smooth coordination for that.

Chris: Yeah, it was becoming a bit of an issue with canulation, but I feel like I’ve got… It is better definitely.

Doctor: So, also you had a problem because when you came here, you know, it was a little bit… from time to time you had a stiffed leg.

Chris: Yes.

Doctor: But you didn’t use anything… for that kind of thing, no medications, nothing.

Chris: No, but I used a lot in the past. The side effects got better of me.

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