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Patient with diagnosed symptoms of MS and Stroke

Client: Catherine

Country: UK

Hello, my name is Catherine, I live in Scotland and I’ve come to Swiss Medica clinic to get some therapy, some stem cell therapy. I’ve now completed my course and I’m very pleased with how it’s gone. I’ve had a stroke and I also have MS, so it was, I think, first for the clinic to have both, someone who suffers from both.

My treatment went very well, there is no discomfort. The staff here are excellent, the accommodation is terrific, food – huge amount, very tasty and all the staff are very friendly and you’re never stuck for an interpreter to tell you, to explain, if you’re having any queries.

I had 6 sessions of stem cell therapy, 3 of my own cells and 3 of umbilical cells, umbilical blood and umbilical stem cells. The procedures were not uncomfortable at all, slight discomfort with the collection of adipose tissue, the fat.

The hip was really not at all painful and carried on very quite quickly. And the infusions were not painful there and the staff are excellent. And at the moment I’m hoping to get benefit from all the procedures.

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