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Stem cell therapy could possibly cure even metastatic lung cancer

After many experiments on mice have been shown successful in curing lung cancer, scientists have announced that 2016. will be the year they start the trails on human. If everything goes as well as they hope, it would be a big accomplishment helpful even to patients with last stages of metastatic lung cancer. Trials so far have managed to significantly reduce the tumor or completely destroy it.

Next year 56 patients who are diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer will volunteer in trails in the UK. The treatment is done using stem cells from bone marrow, that is genetically modified. Other good news is that the needed stem cells don’t have to be matched to a specific person; already existing bone marrow supplies can be used.

The therapy works by activating the gene named Trail that is also known as the anti-cancer gene, using stem cells from bone marrow. After the connection is made, now modified cells are ready to attack the tumor.

Lung cancer patients are the ones with the least chance of survival among all the cancer patients and only 5% of diagnosed patients live more than 10 years with a disease.

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