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First stem cell baby has been born

IVF is the most known procedure for couples that can’t conceive, and now it’s taken to a whole new level. Zain Rejani is the baby born in May of 2015. and he will be remembered in the medical history as the first IVF baby born using stem cell treatments.

The newborn’s mother was undergoing these treatments (named Augment) in Canada. The purpose of using stem cells in IVF is to make the women’s eggs quality better and to revive them as much as possible. This is done by taking the parts from the ovarian stem cells and injecting them into woman’s eggs.

Although this certainly is a big breakthrough, there is no way to prove that Zain owes his life to Augment alone. For all we can know, Zain’s birth could be simply the IVF’s doing, and only time will tell how big is the success rate of stem cell treatments in IVF. It’s reported that up to this point 36 women were using this treatment and eight of them ended up pregnant.

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