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Spreading of colorectal cancer could potentially be stopped

After the lung and bronchial cancer, colon and rectal cancer are known to take the most lives. Every third person who suffers from this disease dies from it, which makes the survival rate very low. This type of cancer is hard to treat and cure, because usually by the time a person becomes aware of their illness, it has already spread to other organs.

Recent study shows that it may be possible to control stem cells that are responsible for spreading colorectal cancer. This theory is based around a receptor or cell surface protein called Frizzled 7. It is already known that in case you knock down Frizzled 7 it will stop the tumor from growing. This protein has the ability to get signals from the outside and if that can be stopped, the receptors such as Lgr5, that are known for triggering cancer, wouldn’t be able to connect and make any damage.

By controlling Frizzled 7 while the cells are still in the dormant stage, the growth could also become controllable. The complete process of finding and targeting Frizzled 7 is still unknown, and Melbourne biology lab sees this as their next step of the research.

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